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sismik risk analizi

Seismic condition assessment is the procedure of determining the damage a structure will undergo when subjected to a given earthquake. Seismic risk assessment is defined as using the seismic condition for different earthquake levels with distinct occurence probablilities for predicting potential hazard and loss. There are different levels of methods for condition assessment; even though each advanced level yields more accurate results, required input data and computing time increases as well.


Yapıdestek Engineering aims to assess conditions of structures based on contemporary approaches given in codes and specifications, as well as academic publications. In addition, we continue R&D works for creating better techniques and tools:

  • Using vibration measurements to calibrate finite element models, which in turn will yield more accurate results.
  • Using advanced non-destructive testing methods in conjunction with core drilling for less damage to structure during determination of material properties.
  • Increasing accuracy of low level methods with additional site data such as acceleration measurements.
  • Creating web services for analysis and result databases for online access of customers and government institutions.