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Structural health monitoring (SHM) is pursuing engineering structures short term or long term with the purpose of determining the situation of them and/or estimating the damage of them. This monitoring is made by using data collected from sensors which are integrated into structures. SHM is a system that allows to evaluation of all spectrums of performance (safety, durability, utilization, and convenience) expected throughout the service life of structures extensively and numerically. The purpose of this monitoring system, which can be applied on particularly structures with strategic significance, advanced engineering structures, historical structures and all type of structures, is determining structural parameters, behavior of structure while it is subject to loads (dynamic and excessive loads) which are not considered while designing, monitoring formation speed and continuity of structural problems (cracks, deflections, settlements etc.), determining and deteriorations and damages which can be cause of collapse and preventing structures against them and making provisions against existing or possible damages via short or long term inspections. In long-term monitoring by checking regularly that the structure satisfies the expected performance, the results of the environmental effects and aging are followed. SHM also provides real time and reliable information about health of structure after disasters like earthquake, flood etc.


Yapıdestek Engineering aims to monitoring different type of structures (historical structures, bridges, buildings etc.) within their characteristic properties and without damaging them. Our services about SHM can be listed as below:

  • Designing and planning Structural Health Monitoring Systems
  • Implementing planned SHM systems into practice (installation of sensors etc.)
  • Developing SHM system software for end users
  • Developing and applying warning systems for disasters and un-solicited statuses