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sensör geliştirme

Sensor or detector is the name of the sense organs of automated control systems. As people comprehend everything around them by the sense organs, machines also comprehend the changes in temperature, pressure, and speed etc. via detectors. For instance, a temperature sensor generates voltage between its feet when ambient temperature changes. Then, when this data is transferred to a microcontroller, a closed loop temperature control system is obtained. The sensors can convert some physical and chemical quantities such as heat, light, moisture, voice, pressure, force, electric, distance, acceleration and pH, to electrical signals. The strain gage can be an example of the sensors which measure the force. Moreover, there are some force gages that work capacitive and inductive principle.


Yapıdestek Engineering develops sensors for structural health monitoring and/or other needs. We design, develop and manufacture sensors that are resistant to environmental impacts and sensitive for target measurement with low noise:

  • Strain gages
  • Load cells
  • Accelerometers