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  • YD05 Birim Deformasyon Ölçer
  • YD05 Birim Deformasyon Ölçer
  • YD05 Birim Deformasyon Ölçer
  • YD05 Birim Deformasyon Ölçer

YD05 Strain Gage

YD05 is made of stainless steel material, designed and optimized for monitoring of historical structures. Gages are temperature compensated and provide high precision readings. Some advantages are as listed:

  • YD05 is manufactured by stainless steel A304 in order to work outside. Therefore it provides long-term use without formation of rust on installation medium.
  • YD05 has 3000 me capacity and safely maintains its linearity up to 4000 me. Moreover, there is a safety margin up to 35% of capacity limit.
  • The output sensitivity of the sensor is 0.6 mV/V or 5000 µε/mV/V at full capacity. The sensor can work with up to 4V of input voltage. It can reach a theoretical precision of 0.2 µε when used with a 24 bit ADC combined with 2.4 mV output and 7.5mV reading limit. Yet considering ambient noise, its resolution is assumed to be 1 µε
  • Axial stiffness of the sensor is set to be as low as possible. The main reason of low axial force working environment is the preventing the need of drilling and anchoring when gages are planned to be used in historical structures (a necessity which other sensors require). The axial force applied to YD05 under maximum strain is 30N. This eliminates the need of drilling for sensor placement, and makes using adhesives possible for fixing the gage with its special footings. For adhesion, lime based cements (for long term) or hot glue (for short term) may be used. One of the holes in sensor feet is designed as oval to compensate small deviations during installation.
  • YD05 can filter out the electronic deviations that may occur due to changes in ambient temperature via characteristic of the circuit in it. It can also discard the axial forces due to designed layout of internal components; only bending effects are measured.
  • The thermal expansion coefficient of sensor is around 15 µε/C° and the sensor can be used in reinforced concrete, steel and masonry structures. To achieve more sensitive results, additional temperature readings should be taken and obtained temperature values should be multiplied with the thermal expansion coefficient difference between materials.
  • YD05 is both dustproof and waterproof; it is produced according to IP67 standards.