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Preliminary Assessment


Walk-Down Assessment

Detailed Analysis & Assessment

Retrofitting Projects

Health Monitoring for Seismicity

What We Do

Yapıdestek Engineering was founded in METU Technopolis by METU Civil Engineering professors for research & development purposes.

In addition to R&D of risk analysis and sensor development, many different domains are studied.

Seismic Risk Analysis

Determining behavior of structures under earthquakes and risk assessment by computing seismic performance.

Structural Health Monitoring

Monitoring important parameters of a structure continuously / discretely and condition monitoring.

Sensor Development

Development and production of high quality and economical sensors based on requested parameters.

Software Development

Development of PC and mobile platform software or online software systems for requested technical demands.

Historical Structures

Condition assessment, health monitoring, restoration project generation and assessment of historical structures.

General Risk Analysis

Condition identification and risk assessment of structures againgst fire, landslide and other disasters.